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Don't Stress About Space!

Our Storage + Moving Service Is Unmatched!

Sooner or later just about everyone needs to call a storage moving service to take some things offsite. It could be antiques that you’re not using but want to save for your family. Maybe all that athletic gear crowding the garage belongs somewhere else until your kids get back from college. Or maybe you need to store some things that you’ll need when you can afford a place to put them. For these and other dilemmas, movers with temporary storage are the answer …. and that is where choosing MicroShip® gives you an advantage!

MicroShip®’s moving and storage solution is among the most affordable in the Chicagoland area. We offer a customized storage system that will accommodate any storage load, large or small. Why keep tripping over things you aren’t using right now when a storage move can give you back your space for as little as $1 a day?

Our moving experts are licensed, bonded and insured, and items stored in individual vaulted storage compartments for maximum protection. Each space is clean, dry and climate-friendly. The unit is security controlled around the clock and insured against damage. You’ll never worry about your items with a MicroShip® storage move.

If you’re selling a home, your realtor has probably already talked about the effect clutter and overcrowded furniture has on potential buyers. Give your home a fighting chance by staging it to sell. That means clearing out the basement, garage and any rooms that are overloaded with stuff. Storage moves are an easy, effective and affordable way to get to the close.

Okay, what do we mean by that? Oversized items that cannot be stored at home but must be kept can find a happy home at our storage facility. Your grand piano, your 7 foot classical statue of Athena, the antique general store counter you bought at auction to turn into a bar next year, or the drill press you inherited from work are all examples. Our moving company with storage can accommodate all manner of oversized items for as long as you like with our storage moves. College kids?… Where on earth will you put the furniture your kids have been using at off campus housing until next semester? Let us worry about it! We can pickup furniture and personal items for your college student and bring them back with our storage moving service until they return to school in the fall!