About Us

About Us

We are the biggest small move company in the Midwest! We fulfill the niche between the larger van lines minimum requirements and the limited ability of packing and shipping companies.

If you have a small move within the United States… MICROSHIP is the moving company for you!

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  • MICROSHIP is regulated by the U. S. Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Commission.
  • MICROSHIP is licensed and insured, and our rates are established according to the law. MICROSHIP is accountable for all moves.
  • MICROSHIP moves are accomplished efficiently using quality equipment and proper truck loading techniques.
  • MICROSHIP movers are trained and experienced in protecting your property. They know the proper way to maneuver around tight corners or up & down stairs.
  • MICROSHIP is responsible to you, according to the option you choose for such protection. Your belongings are protected against loss or damage if something is broken or lost.
  • MICROSHIP’s price is reasonable! You save more money than doing it yourself. Your friends and relatives will thank you, because they don’t have to help!

Consumer Rights & Responsibilities

Consumer Rights and Responsibilities | FMCSA (dot.gov)

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