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Estate Breakup Distribution of single items and more, Estate Breakup

Whoever said ‘breaking up is hard to do’ didn’t know how easy estate moving is with MicroShip. A lot of estate customers tell us they come to us because we have no minimum shipping weight requirements for divided shipments. But we think it’s because we make a difficult situation less stressful. We help sort items for their final destinations and maintain an inventory for your records. That’s why we’re one of the Midwest’s favorite estate movers.

As an estate mover, we care about more than the cargo. We see the impact estate breakups have on families as they begin the often arduous job of sorting through years of accumulated possessions, family heirlooms, photos and furnishings. Things that may not look like much to someone else are priceless and irreplaceable to loved ones that are left behind. For us estate moving is a sacred responsibility that deserves the utmost care and patience.

Our estate moves are so affordable!

The key to MicroShip’s affordability is how we ship small things to several (or many) places. We’ll even ship one item for you, usually for less than an expensive parcel service or a van line with weight minimums.  How do we do it? We consolidate shipments that are destined for the same geographic area. This allows you to affordably disperse family treasures in small quantities to relatives all over the country. That’s estate moving made easy.

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There’s an art to moving art and antiques.    

In any estate move, paintings, sculptures, porcelain and other antiques require expert handling. MicroShip pads, blanket wraps, and then shrink wraps your most valuable art, antiques and heirlooms.  For items like crystal chandeliers and large ornate mirrors that require special crating or packaging, we will provide it. MicroShip personnel are experts at estate moving.

We make sure everything is well-packed.

MicroShip uses only strong, high-quality corrugated cartons with lids when packing your treasured items for an estate move. If you prefer to pack some of your own things, we’ll provide you with proper cartons for everything from mattresses to mirrors. Grocery store cartons can contain insect larvae, and newspaper ink can rub off on your items. We use the best materials when estate moving.


We have a remarkable estate distribution solution.

This is where we can really save you money and aggravation when estate moving.  Estate distribution is rarely targeted at one person. Children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters, and even organizations are common recipients of bequests and senior house clear outs. We
oversee all the estate moving arrangements and then get it done for less than van lines or pricey parcel shipping.

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We can even stage your estate move with temporary storage.

In the event that certain recipients aren’t able to receive their items at the time of distribution, we can have them stored in our clean, dry, climate-controlled storage facility until the timing is right to ship. This takes the pressure off of the family that might already be feeling overwhelmed or emotional about the estate breakup.  Make MicroShip your preferred estate mover.

What about those large oddball pieces?

Does your estate move include large odd-size items like a riding lawnmower, canoe or piano? Not a problem. We’ve moved them all. MicroShip has been moving pianos for customers all over the United States for over 10 years. Baby grands through concert grand pianos require piano boards and special packing for the hardware. Larger pianos will require more men. Whatever the item, MicroShip’s estate moving services have you covered.

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MicroShip is The Small Move Specialist.
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MICROSHIP has many estate customers! A number of MICROSHIP customers are faced with dispersing the belonging of a deceased relative among family members throughout the US. Where larger moving companies have minimum weight requirements and difficulty dividing the shipments, MICROSHIP has no weight requirements and handles estates moves with ease. We are able to make a difficult situation a little less stressful.

Estate Antiques must be handled with skilled, special care. These items are padded with paper, wrapped in blankets and then shrink-wrapped. They are then placed in the van and strapped or protected to ensure they arrive safely. Some pieces require packaging as well. MICROSHIP personnel are experts at moving your estate antiques.